Parallel Sessions 6

26th June 2015, 16:15 - 18:15

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Policy Session: decarbonizing development: three steps to a zero-carbon future

Chaired by Marianne Fay, World Bank Group
Room Room 8

Thematic Session: future directions of climate policy and integrated assessment

Chaired by Armon Rezai, Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Wien)
Room Room 13

Thematic Session: new views to combat eutrophication in the Baltic Sea

Chaired by Kari Hyytiäinen, University of Helsinki
Room Aud XII

Behavioural economics: rationality

Chaired by Andrius Kazukauskas, Centre for Environmental and Resource Economics (CERE)
Room Room 14

Climate change: carbon leakage

Chaired by Justin Leroux, HEC Montreal
Room Room 12

Climate change: insurance

Chaired by Mordechai Shechter, University of Haifa
Room Room 10

Electricity markets

Chaired by Beat Hintermann, University of Basel
Room Aud XIV

Emissions trading: EU ETS

Chaired by Julien Chevallier, University Paris 8
Room Aud XIII

Energy: learning curves

Chaired by Martin Woerter, ETH Zürich
Room Room 15

Energy: prices

Chaired by Peter Schwarz, UNC Charlotte
Room Aud IX

Environmental tax reform

Chaired by Diane Aubert, PSE, University Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne
Room Aud XI

Fisheries: empirical studies

Chaired by Zinnia Mukherjee, Simmons College
Room Aud XVI

Forestry: continuous cover forestry, theory

Chaired by Maria Angela Xabadia Palmada, Universitat de Girona
Room Aud XV

Game theory: differential games, dynamics

Chaired by Yulia Pavlova, Natural Resources Institute Finland
Room Aud IV

Health risks

Chaired by Marcella Veronesi, University of Verona
Room Room 6

Pollution: trade

Chaired by Suphi Sen, Ifo Institute
Room Aud III

Sustainability: accounting, policy, empirics

Chaired by Nick Hanley, University of St. Andrews
Room Room 7

Water: management of water resources

Chaired by Silvana Dalmazzone, University of Torino
Room Aud II

Water: valuation

Chaired by Subhrendu Pattanayak, Duke University
Room Room 5
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