Parallel Sessions 5

26th June 2015, 13:45 - 15:45

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Policy Session: climate change and poverty

Chaired by Stephane Hallegatte, World Bank Climate Change Group
Room Room 13

Thematic Session: economics of age- and size-structured renewable resources

Chaired by Martin Quaas, Kiel University
Room Aud XV

Thematic Session: stacking in environmental markets

Chaired by Thomas Sterner, University of Gothenburg
Room Room 6

Behavioural economics: public goods, life satisfaction

Chaired by Phumsith Mahasuweerachai, Khon Kaen University
Room Room 14

Climate change: agreements

Chaired by Achim Hagen, Carl von Ossietzky Universitšt Oldenburg
Room Room 12

Climate change: challenges to agriculture

Chaired by Andreas Pondorfer, Kiel Institute for the World Economy
Room Room 7

Climate change: policies

Chaired by Hermann Held, Universitšt Hamburg
Room Room 10

Emissions trading as a mechanism

Chaired by Pauli Lappi, University of Helsinki
Room Aud XIII

Energy: markets

Chaired by Markus Bortolamedi, University of Oldenburg
Room Aud IX

Forestry: deforestation, sustainability

Chaired by Julien Wolfersberger, Climate Economics Chair / INRA
Room Aud XI

Growth: new perspectives

Chaired by Johan Gars, GEDB, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
Room Aud IV

Pollution: toxic emissions, Coase theorem

Chaired by Bouwe Dijkstra, University of Nottingham
Room Aud III

Regulation: prices versus quantities

Chaired by Santiago J. Rubio, University of Valencia
Room Aud XII

Risk and uncertainty

Chaired by Daniel Heyen, Heidelberg University
Room Aud XVI

Risks: empirical studies

Chaired by Sandra Notaro, University of Trento - Department of Economics and Management
Room Room 15

Transportation: cleaner technology

Chaired by Juan Pablo Montero, PUC
Room Aud XIV

Valuation of ecosystem services from fresh and salted waters

Chaired by Prajna Mishra, University of Hyderabad
Room Room 8

Valuation: sustainability

Chaired by Dan Marsh, University of Waikato
Room Room 5

Water framework directive

Chaired by Mikolaj Czajkowski, University of Warsaw
Room Aud II
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