Parallel Sessions 3

25th June 2015, 16:15 - 18:15

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Policy Session: fiscal policies and the green economy transition

Chaired by Carlo Carraro, Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei (FEEM), International Center for Climate Governance (ICCG), Cŕ Foscari University of Venice
Room Aud XIV

Thematic Session: climate change, jellyfish outbreaks and impacts on coastal tourism

Chaired by Andrea Ghermandi, University of Haifa, Dept. of Natural Resources and Environmental Management, Mount Carmel, Haifa 3498838, Israel
Room Room 8

Thematic Session: intergenerational decision-making under uncertainty and disagreement

Chaired by Ben Groom, London School of Economics and Political Science
Room Room 12

Thematic Session: understanding the historical and future impacts of climate change - insights from econometric and integrated assessment models

Chaired by Enrica De Cian, FEEM
Room Room 10

Agriculture: products and prices

Chaired by Steven van Passel, Hasselt University
Room Room 7

Climate change: policy issues

Chaired by Thomas Sterner, University of Gothenburg
Room Room 13

Emissions trading: experience

Chaired by Rita Sousa, University of Minho
Room Aud XIII

Energy: rebound effect and instruments

Chaired by Elena Verdolini, FEEM and CMCC
Room Aud IX

Fisheries: theoretical studies

Chaired by Anastasios Xepapadeas, AUEB
Room Aud XV

Forestry: tropics

Chaired by Elizabeth Robinson, University of Reading
Room Aud XVI

Forestry: management

Chaired by Edwin Muchapondwa, University of Cape Town
Room Aud XI

Political economy: regulation, scientists´ independence

Chaired by Corina Haita-Falah, University of Hamburg
Room Room 14

Pollution: endogenous growth, stock dynamics

Chaired by Anton Bondarev, University of Basel
Room Aud IV


Chaired by Tobias Pfrommer, Heidelberg University
Room Room 15

Renewable resources

Chaired by Michele Baggio, University of Connecticut
Room Aud XII

Technical change

Chaired by Joanna Poyago-Theotoky, La Trobe University, Melbourne
Room Aud III

Valuation: traffic and local goods

Chaired by Andreas Ziegler, University of Kassel
Room Room 6

Valuation: public goods

Chaired by Nathan Chan, Colby College
Room Room 5

Water: food production and trade

Chaired by Carlos Dionisio Pérez-Blanco, FEEM
Room Aud II
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