Parallel Sessions 2

25th June 2015, 13:45 - 15:45

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Policy Session: China’s climate and energy policies

Chaired by Andreas Loeschel, University Muenster
Room Room 8

Policy Session: lessons from behavioural economics for environmental policy making

Chaired by Christiane Reif, Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW)
Room Room 14

Thematic Session: natural resources in distress: air, land and water in China

Chaired by Ujjayant Chakravorty, Tufts University
Room Aud II

Thematic Session: spatial analysis of REDD+ policies

Chaired by Philippe Delacote, LEF, INRA & Climate Economics Chair
Room Aud XI

Agriculture: agrienvironmental policies

Chaired by Sophie Thoyer, Montpellier Supagro
Room Room 7

Air pollution

Chaired by David Good, Indiana University
Room Aud XIV

Climate change: negotiations

Chaired by Cees Withagen, VU University Amsterdam
Room Room 13

Climate change: geoengineering

Chaired by Wilfried Rickels, Kiel Institute for the World Economy
Room Room 12

Emissions trading: linking and leakage

Chaired by Grischa Perino, University of Hamburg
Room Aud XIII

Energy: wood biomass

Chaired by Vincent Bertrand, Laboratoire d''Economie Forestière (INRA) - Climate Economics Chair (Paris-Dauphine University) - CRESE (University of Franche-Comté)
Room Room 10

Fisheries: bioeconomics

Chaired by Martin F. Quaas, Kiel University
Room Aud XV

Forestry: climate change

Chaired by Jyotish Prakash Basu , WEST BENGAL STATE UNIVERSITY
Room Aud XII

Forestry: conservation, urban issues

Chaired by Maria Cunha-e-Sá, Nova School of Business and Economics, UNL
Room Aud XVI

Game theory, auctions

Chaired by Linda Nostbakken, Department of Economics, Norwegian School of Economics
Room Aud IX

Nonrenewables: market imperfections

Chaired by Niko Jaakkola, Ifo Institut
Room Aud IV

Political economy: rent seeking, corruption

Chaired by Kerry Krutilla, Indiana University
Room Room 15

Technical change, green employment

Chaired by Jens Horbach, University of Applied Sciences Augsburg
Room Aud III

Valuation: information and uncertainty

Chaired by Juha Siikamaki, Resources for the Future
Room Room 5

Waste management: recycling

Chaired by Stefano Carattini, University of Barcelona & Haute école de gestion Genève
Room Room 6
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