Parallel Sessions 1

25th June 2015, 08:30 - 10:30

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Policy Session: the EU ETS – stability through a permit reserve? – quantitative evidence

Chaired by Cameron Hepburn, University of Oxford
Room Aud XIII

Agriculture: cultivation practices

Chaired by Jarkko Niemi, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)
Room Room 7

Bioeconomics: wildlife, mammals

Chaired by Anders Skonhoft, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Room Aud XV


Chaired by Karel Janda, Charles University in Prague
Room Aud XIV

CGE models

Chaired by Ramiro Parrado, Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei (FEEM)
Room Aud IX

Climate change: energy

Chaired by Katarina Elofsson, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Room Room 10

Climate change: coalitions

Chaired by Peter Wood, Australian National University
Room Room 13

Common property resources

Chaired by Timo Goeschl, Heidelberg University
Room Aud XII

Environmental tax policy

Chaired by Sjak Smulders, Tilburg University
Room Room 6

Experimental economics

Chaired by Peter Martinsson, University of Gothenburg
Room Room 14

Forestry: certification

Chaired by Ernah Ernah, Leibniz University Hannover
Room Aud XI

Forestry: cooperation, gender issues

Chaired by Etti Maria Winter, University of Hannover
Room Aud XVI

Green marketing

Chaired by Daniel Matisoff, Georgia Institute of Technology
Room Room 8

Growth: equity, social issues

Chaired by Frédéric Gonand, University of Paris-Dauphine
Room Room 15

Nonrenewables: gas

Chaired by Michael Delgado, Purdue University
Room Aud IV

Technical change: empirical studies

Chaired by Frans de Vries, University of Stirling
Room Aud III

Valuation: techniques I

Chaired by Heini Ahtiainen, Natural Resources Institute Finland
Room Room 5


Chaired by Ralph Mastromonaco, University of Oregon
Room Aud II

Policy Session: climate policy co-benefits for public revenues and economic growth

Chaired by Carlo Carraro, Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei (FEEM), International Center for Climate Governance (ICCG), Cŕ Foscari University of Venice
Room Room 12
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