Programme  •  List of Session Titles

Agriculture: agrienvironmental policies (Contributed Session)
Agriculture: cultivation practices (Contributed Session)
Agriculture: products and prices (Contributed Session)
Agriculture: sustainable production (Contributed Session)
Air pollution (Contributed Session)
Behavioural economics: public goods (Contributed Session)
Behavioural economics: public goods, life satisfaction (Contributed Session)
Behavioural economics: rationality (Contributed Session)
Biodiversity (Contributed Session)
Bioeconomics: wildlife, mammals (Contributed Session)
Biofuels (Contributed Session)
CGE models (Contributed Session)
Climate change mitigation: standards and tariffs (Contributed Session)
Climate change: water (Contributed Session)
Climate change: agreements (Contributed Session)
Climate change: carbon leakage (Contributed Session)
Climate change: carbon taxes (Contributed Session)
Climate change: challenges to agriculture (Contributed Session)
Climate change: coalitions (Contributed Session)
Climate change: economic impacts (Contributed Session)
Climate change: energy (Contributed Session)
Climate change: geoengineering (Contributed Session)
Climate change: insurance (Contributed Session)
Climate change: migration, mitigation (Contributed Session)
Climate change: negotiations (Contributed Session)
Climate change: policies (Contributed Session)
Climate change: policy issues (Contributed Session)
Climate change: theoretical achievements (Contributed Session)
Climate change: uncertainties (Contributed Session)
Common property resources (Contributed Session)
Discounting (Contributed Session)
Ecosystem services (Contributed Session)
Electricity markets (Contributed Session)
Emissions trading as a mechanism (Contributed Session)
Emissions trading: EU ETS (Contributed Session)
Emissions trading: experience (Contributed Session)
Emissions trading: international carbon market (Contributed Session)
Emissions trading: linking and leakage (Contributed Session)
Emissions trading: theory (Contributed Session)
Energy transition (Contributed Session)
Energy: decoupling and instruments (Contributed Session)
Energy: efficiency (Contributed Session)
Energy: impacts and drivers (Contributed Session)
Energy: learning curves (Contributed Session)
Energy: markets (Contributed Session)
Energy: prices (Contributed Session)
Energy: rebound effect and instruments (Contributed Session)
Energy: valuation (Contributed Session)
Energy: wind power (Contributed Session)
Energy: wood biomass (Contributed Session)
Environmental tax policy (Contributed Session)
Environmental tax reform (Contributed Session)
Environmental taxation (Contributed Session)
Ethics, social norms (Contributed Session)
Experimental economics (Contributed Session)
Fisheries: bioeconomics (Contributed Session)
Fisheries: coalitions and games (Contributed Session)
Fisheries: empirical studies (Contributed Session)
Fisheries: risks (Contributed Session)
Fisheries: structural models, game theory (Contributed Session)
Fisheries: theoretical studies (Contributed Session)
Forestry: tropics (Contributed Session)
Forestry: certification (Contributed Session)
Forestry: climate change (Contributed Session)
Forestry: conservation, urban issues (Contributed Session)
Forestry: continuous cover forestry, theory (Contributed Session)
Forestry: cooperation, gender issues (Contributed Session)
Forestry: deforestation, sustainability (Contributed Session)
Forestry: fires, storms (Contributed Session)
Forestry: management (Contributed Session)
Forestry: policy, macroeconomics (Contributed Session)
Forestry: risks (Contributed Session)
Game theory, auctions (Contributed Session)
Game theory: differential games, dynamics (Contributed Session)
Green marketing (Contributed Session)
Growth: equity, social issues (Contributed Session)
Growth: new perspectives (Contributed Session)
Growth: resource curse (Contributed Session)
Growth: technical change (Contributed Session)
Health risks (Contributed Session)
Health: child exposure to pollution (Contributed Session)
Individual decision making (Contributed Session)
Nonrenewables (Contributed Session)
Nonrenewables: climate change (Contributed Session)
Nonrenewables: gas (Contributed Session)
Nonrenewables: market imperfections (Contributed Session)
Policy Session: assessing societal costs and benefits for the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive (Policy Session)
Policy Session: China’s climate and energy policies (Policy Session)
Policy Session: climate change and poverty (Policy Session)
Policy Session: climate policy co-benefits for public revenues and economic growth (Policy Session)
Policy Session: decarbonizing development: three steps to a zero-carbon future (Policy Session)
Policy Session: emerging guidelines for stated preference methods in policy analysis (Policy Session)
Policy Session: emissions trading in China, Europe and the US (Policy Session)
Policy Session: fiscal policies and the green economy transition (Policy Session)
Policy Session: lessons from behavioural economics for environmental policy making (Policy Session)
Policy Session: linking toward a global climate architecture? (Policy Session)
Policy Session: reducing the carbon footprint of road transport – economics versus policy? (Policy Session)
Policy Session: the EU ETS – stability through a permit reserve? – quantitative evidence (Policy Session)
Political economy: regulation, scientists´ independence (Contributed Session)
Political economy: rent seeking, corruption (Contributed Session)
Pollution: endogenous growth, stock dynamics (Contributed Session)
Pollution: spatial analysis (Contributed Session)
Pollution: toxic emissions, Coase theorem (Contributed Session)
Pollution: trade (Contributed Session)
Posters I: water (Poster Session)
Posters II: agriculture (Poster Session)
Posters III: forestry (Poster Session)
Posters IV: valuation of environmental benefits (Poster Session)
Posters V: energy and transportation (Poster Session)
Posters VI: technology and firms (Poster Session)
Posters VII: public goods (Poster Session)
Regulation (Contributed Session)
Regulation: empirics (Contributed Session)
Regulation: prices versus quantities (Contributed Session)
Renewable resources (Contributed Session)
Risk and uncertainty (Contributed Session)
Risks: catastrophes (Contributed Session)
Risks: empirical studies (Contributed Session)
Sustainability: accounting, policy, empirics (Contributed Session)
Sustainability: empirical studies (Contributed Session)
Sustainability: theory (Contributed Session)
Technical change (Contributed Session)
Technical change, green employment (Contributed Session)
Technical change: empirical studies (Contributed Session)
Technical change: theoretical insights (Contributed Session)
Thematic Session: automatic and planned adaptation to climate change (Thematic Session)
Thematic Session: climate change, jellyfish outbreaks and impacts on coastal tourism (Thematic Session)
Thematic Session: climate change, prioritarianism and catastrophe aversion (Thematic Session)
Thematic Session: economics of age- and size-structured renewable resources (Thematic Session)
Thematic Session: energy and development, the role of clean cook stoves (Thematic Session)
Thematic Session: future directions of climate policy and integrated assessment (Thematic Session)
Thematic Session: intergenerational decision-making under uncertainty and disagreement (Thematic Session)
Thematic Session: natural resources in distress: air, land and water in China (Thematic Session)
Thematic Session: new views to combat eutrophication in the Baltic Sea (Thematic Session)
Thematic Session: shale gas benefits, risk management and impacts on greenhouse gas emissions (Thematic Session)
Thematic Session: spatial analysis of REDD+ policies (Thematic Session)
Thematic Session: stacking in environmental markets (Thematic Session)
Thematic Session: toxic chemicals: health impacts and economics (Thematic Session)
Thematic Session: understanding the historical and future impacts of climate change - insights from econometric and integrated assessment models (Thematic Session)
Transportation (Contributed Session)
Transportation: cleaner technology (Contributed Session)
Valuation of ecosystem services from fresh and salted waters (Contributed Session)
Valuation of recreational benefits (Contributed Session)
Valuation: forests and land (Contributed Session)
Valuation: information and uncertainty (Contributed Session)
Valuation: public goods (Contributed Session)
Valuation: sustainability (Contributed Session)
Valuation: techniques I (Contributed Session)
Valuation: techniques II (Contributed Session)
Valuation: traffic and local goods (Contributed Session)
Waste (Contributed Session)
Waste management: recycling (Contributed Session)
Water framework directive (Contributed Session)
Water: demand incentives (Contributed Session)
Water: flooding (Contributed Session)
Water: food production and trade (Contributed Session)
Water: management of water resources (Contributed Session)
Water: scarcity and capacities (Contributed Session)
Water: valuation (Contributed Session)
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