Parallel Sessions 4

Friday 1 July 2011, 14:15 - 16:00

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Carbon Capture and Storage

Chaired by Barry Anderson, Bocconi University
Room P3

CGE models and environment II

Chaired by Luca Salvatici, Dipartimento di Economia - Universitą  degli Studi Roma Tre
Room P12

Climate change and policy II

Chaired by Chuck Mason, University of Wyoming
Room P4

Climate change and uncertainty II

Chaired by Richard Tol, Economic and Social Research Institute, Dublin
Room P1

Contingent valuation: applications

Chaired by Craig Bullock, University College Dublin
Room P10

Crime and the environment

Chaired by Frank Jensen, University of Copenhagen
Room S8

Environmental Kuznets Curve II

Chaired by Alberto Ansuategi, University of the Basque Country
Room P9

Environmental taxation II

Chaired by Lars Hansen , University of Copenhagen, FOI
Room T5

Exhaustible resources: oil II

Chaired by Shunsuke Managi, Yokohama National University
Room T7

Finance and the environment

Chaired by Matthew Cranford, London School of Economics
Room P11

Fisheries: Age Structured and Multi-species Models

Chaired by Yajie Liu, Centre for Economic Research NTNU
Room S10

Forests: REDD I

Chaired by Charles Palmer, London School of Economics
Room S12

International Environmental Agreements II

Chaired by Alfred Endres, University of Hagen
Room P2

Special Session: Environmentally Induced Migration (Millock)

Chaired by Katrin Millock, Paris School of Economics, CNRS
Room T3
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