Contributed Sessions

Thursday 10 November 2011, 13:30 - 15:00

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Asset Pricing I

Room 201-C (70)

Child Health Economics

Room 202-C (65)

Credit Market Imperfections and Financial Cycles

Room 304-C (70)

Credit risk

Room 301-C (70)

Educational Investments

Room 302-C (70)

Endogeneity and IV Estimation

Room 303-C (70)

Financial Econometrics

Room 411- C (20)

Fiscal Federalism

Room 305-C (70)

Fiscal policy I

Room 405-C (32)

Foreign currency flows, exchange rate interventions and exchange rate volatility

Room 307-C (70)

Gender Economics I

Room 308-C (60)

Human Capital

Room 407-C (70)

Markets and Consumer Behavior

Room 400-C (60)

Organization Design

Room 401-C (50)


Room 402-C (32)

Political Institutions

Room 403-C (50)

School Choice and Sorting

Room 404-C (50)

The international transmissions of shocks and the global recession

Room 306-C (70)

The macroeconomy and the labor market

Room 406-C (70)

Trade and the Labor Market

Room 309-C (30)

Vulnerable Populations I

Room 500-C (40)
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