How to Set Your Default Category

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A system that handles multiple categories is more user-friendly when its various queries and tools can be set to "automatically" appear according to the category in which a specific administrator's view should appear ("administrator" meaning anyone with system admin privileges, be it a chairperson or a programme administrator).


To set your default category, go to the main Admin view/tab. In the upper right corner you will see Your default category. Select your category from the drop-down list of available categories. Then click the change button.

Thereafter, when you access various system views, such as "papers submitted this week" or "Papers with no assigned PCM", you should see only those in your category.

If you want to view "All Categories", simply select the option from the dropdown box on a given page and select Go.

Alternatively, you can leave your default category a "All Categories", and select individual categories as necessary when viewing pages.

This tool has performed reliably, however it is always suggested that you check critically whether or not you are viewing your correct category.

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