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This facility automates to the extent possible the indexing of the event programme. However, any index must be proofread closely and this automation is not guaranteed to be exact. For example, names of presenters may also be names of other things, like places or universities. Make sure you proofread the index after output and make any manual changes as necessary.

After exporting the programme, you can create the index of presenters.

- Go to the Event website

- Select either the LAC tab (as appropriate) and login using your profile

- Select the option to Export Data.

- Select the link Indexing Assistance.  A window like the following pop-up window appears:

Link Indexing Assistance.

- In the left hand menu you have options to export various index documents.  In the first case choose Presenters

- Click the HTML Format link under Presenters.  The indexing file is previewed in the right hand window.

- To use the file as a concordance file, you must save it in Word format.  To do this, RIGHT CLICK, the MS Word document link under Presenters and choose Save Target As.  Save this in the same folder as your programme and call it presenters.doc

- Load MS Word and open your saved Programme Document from the export process.

- Go to the end of the File (press Ctrl + End)

- Insert a new page to contain the index – from the menu select Insert > Break.  Click Page Break and OK.

- Enter a heading “Index of Presenters” and move down a couple of lines

- Next, we need to mark each of the entries which will appear in the completed Index.  This is where the concordance file comes in.

- Select Insert > Index & Tables.  The following Window Appears


Index and tables

The concordance file Auto-Marks entries -- so click AutoMark and select the saved Presenters.doc previously mentioned.

- Word will then take a few moments to mark each of the presenter names.  When done, you will see the message “# entries Marked” which will appear in the bottom left hand corner status bar of Word.

- If you scroll back through the document you will now find lots of hidden text ({XE: Smith}.  These are the markers and you should not delete them.

- When done, ensure you are still at the end of the Word document.  Then click Insert Index & Tables again.  This time we will create the actual Index.  We recommend the following options, but you are free to choose your own.

create the actual Index

- You should now have a document which looks like this:

Document index

SAVE YOUR DOCUMENT! The index is complete but remember it must be proofread to edit manually any errors that may have occurred.

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