How User Profiles Work, and How Users Create Them

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The User Profile consists of a User's Email address and a password chosen by the User. By using a profile to login to the system, users are granted various permission levels to access addittional areas of the site.


The system depends on a unique User Profile for each User. The User Profile consists of a User's Email address and a password chosen by the User. The User Profile can be created quickly and easily, and only needs to be created once. Most submitting authors have general User profiles, which allow them to access online information on their specific paper submissions, as well as to update their contact details, check the status of their submission, or withdraw a paper. Authors of accepted papers can access details of their session assignments. associates unique privileges to the User Profiles of the Programme Chair and Programme Administrator. This enables them to access administrative system functionalities not available to Users with general User profiles. Similarly, the Programme Chair or Administrator can assign specific privileges to other User Profiles -- typically Programme Committee Members (a.k.a.PCMs), Poster Session Organisers (PSOs), and Invited Speakers (IS).

First-time site Users select the link to “Create a Profile”, and advance to a screen with the heading “Your Personal Profile”. This is the screen that all Users, most frequently submitting authors, use to create their profile. For this reason, the text on this page does not make reference to the specific subcategories of PCMs, PSOs, or IS, but it is the same page used by all three.

This page requests that the User enter their email address and a Password of their choice--a password should be at least 6 characters long, and can include letters and numbers, but no spaces.

After a User has entered an email address and Password, they select the "Register" button (or select the Enter/Return key on their keyboard). This will advance them to a page where they enter their name and contact details (or in the case of PCMs, PSOs, and IS, they can modify them if necessary). Towards the bottom of this page, the User selects the button which indicates whether or not they want their contact details to be available on the site.

At the bottom of the page, the User selects the button "Create My Personal Profile". This will advance them to a page with the heading Your Profile has been created! PCMs, PSOs, and IS will have specific options described elsewhere in this help file, whereas general users will be given the option to submit a paper (PCMs, PSO, and IS can also submit by following the relevant links).

When users come to the site in the future, the About You link will lead them to information specific to them -- their paper details, contact details, etc. Some users, like referees, will access particular links like the grading evaluation facility.

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