Parallel Sessions 8

Saturday 30 June 2012, 14:00 - 16:00

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Special Session: Ecosystem Service Provision: Distributional Aspects and Market-based Instruments (Thorsen)

Chaired by Bo Jellesmark Thorsen, University of Copenhagen
Organiser: Bo Jellesmark Thorsen (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

Special Session: Evaluation of Costs and Benefits under “Deep Uncertainty” – Theory for Practice (Toman)

Chaired by Michael Toman, World Bank Development Research Group
Organiser: Mike Toman (Development Research Group, Environment and Energy Team, World Bank)

Special Session: New Approaches for Analysing Trade-offs between Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity (Ruijs, Wossink and Kortelainen)

Chaired by Arjan Ruijs, PBL - Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, Ada Wossink, Economics, School of Social Sciences, University of Manchester and Mika Kortelainen, VATT
Organiser: Arjan Ruijs (Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency), Ada Wossink (University of Manchester) and Mika Kortelainen (VATT, Finland)

Choice Modeling IV

Chaired by Anna Bartczak, University of Warsaw, Faculty of Economic Sciences, Warsaw Ecological Economic Center
Room RB 213

Climate Change: Adaptations II

Chaired by Daiju Narita, Kiel Institute for the World Economy
Room RB 101

Competitiveness and Trade III

Chaired by Carolyn Fischer, Resources for the Future
Room RB 203

Fisheries IV

Chaired by Jose Maria Da Rocha, Universitat Autonoma Bracelona
Room RB 212

Forest Resources III

Chaired by Marcella Veronesi, ETH Zurich, University of Verona
Room RB 210

Game theory and Environment III

Chaired by Marcel Oestreich, University of Guelph
Room RB 205

International agreements IV

Chaired by Birgit Bednar-Friedl, University of Graz
Room RB 207

Optimal Growth and Sustainability IV

Chaired by Ben Heijdra, University of Groningen
Room RB 209

Optimal Regulation: Theory VI

Chaired by Ruediger Pethig, Universitat GH Siegen
Room RB 112

Optimisation Models II

Chaired by Mark Jacobsen, University of California, San Diego
Room RB 211

Other Renewable Resources III

Chaired by Carl-Johan Lagerkvist, Dept of Economics, SLU
Room RB 206

Voluntary Approaches II

Chaired by Wolfgang Buchholz, University of Regensburg
Room RB 204
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