Parallel Sessions 2

Thursday 28 June 2012, 13:30 - 15:30

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Policy Session: Green Growth: Old Wine in New Bottles or Paradigm Shift?

Chaired by Richard Damania, World Bank
Room RB 101
Richard Damania, World Bank

Special Session: Groundwater and Ecosystems: Economics of Groundwater Management and the Well-being of Ecological Systems (Esteban and Dinar)

Chaired by Encarna Esteban, Centro Universitario de la Defensa, Zaragoza, Spain and Ariel Dinar,
Organiser: Encarna Esteban (Centro Universitario de la Defensa) and Ariel Dinar (Water Science and Policy Center, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of California)

Special Session: The Economics of Climate Engineering (Klepper and Rickels)

Chaired by Wilfried Rickels, Kiel Institute for the World Economy
Organiser: Gernot Klepper and Wilfried Rickels (Kiel Institute for the World Economy)

Choice Modeling I

Chaired by Nick Hanley, University of Stirling
Room RB 213

Competitiveness and Trade I

Chaired by Quiroga Miguel, Universidad de Concepcion
Room RB 203

Development and Environment I

Chaired by Edward B Barbier, University of Wyoming
Room RB 207

Environmental and Financial Performance I

Chaired by Andreas Ziegler, University of Kassel
Room RB 204

Growth and Decoupling

Chaired by Giovanni Baiocchi, Norwich Business School

Macro-modelling II

Chaired by Tomasz Zylicz, Warsaw University
Room RB 212

Optimal Growth and Sustainability I

Chaired by Hamed Ghoddusi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Room RB 205

Optimal Regulation: Theory II

Chaired by Carmen Arguedas, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Room RB 112

Optimisation Models I

Chaired by Franziska Holz, DIW Berlin
Room RB 206

Price-based Instruments II

Chaired by Dirk Heine,
Room RB 210

Quantity-based Instruments I

Chaired by Ing-Marie Gren, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Room RB 209

Regulation and Externalities

Chaired by Deepak Rajagopal, University of California, Los Angeles
Room RB 113

Residential Consumption II

Chaired by Juan Pablo Montero, Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Chile
Room RB 211
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