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Abatement Cost I (Contributed Session)
Abatement Cost II (Contributed Session)
Choice Modeling I (Contributed Session)
Choice Modeling II (Contributed Session)
Choice Modeling III (Contributed Session)
Choice Modeling IV (Contributed Session)
Climate Change: Adaptations I (Contributed Session)
Climate Change: Adaptations II (Contributed Session)
Climate Change: Impacts (Contributed Session)
Closing Ceremony (Opening Ceremony)
Competitiveness and Trade I (Contributed Session)
Competitiveness and Trade II (Contributed Session)
Competitiveness and Trade III (Contributed Session)
Contingent Valuation I (Contributed Session)
Contingent Valuation II (Contributed Session)
Contingent Valuation III (Contributed Session)
Crime and Environment (Contributed Session)
Development and Environment I (Contributed Session)
Development and Environment II (Contributed Session)
Development and Environment III (Contributed Session)
Discounting I (Contributed Session)
Discounting II (Contributed Session)
Discussion Round Table: Can We Afford Green Policies During an Economic Downturn? (Invited Session)
Distributional Aspects (Contributed Session)
EAERE Council Meeting (No Preference)
EAERE General Assembly of Members (No Preference)
Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity I (Contributed Session)
Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity II (Contributed Session)
Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity III (Contributed Session)
EDE Management Board Meeting (No Preference)
Energy Sources I (Contributed Session)
Energy Sources II (Contributed Session)
Energy Sources III (Contributed Session)
Environmental and Financial Performance I (Contributed Session)
Environmental and Financial Performance II (Contributed Session)
Environmental and Financial Performance III (Contributed Session)
Environmental and Financial Performance IV (Contributed Session)
Environmental and Financial Performance V (Contributed Session)
ERE Management Board Meeting (No Preference)
Ethics, Norms and Values (Contributed Session)
Experimental Economics I (Contributed Session)
Experimental Economics II (Contributed Session)
Experimental Economics III (Contributed Session)
Fisheries I (Contributed Session)
Fisheries II (Contributed Session)
Fisheries III (Contributed Session)
Fisheries IV (Contributed Session)
Forest Resources I (Contributed Session)
Forest Resources II (Contributed Session)
Forest Resources III (Contributed Session)
Fukushima Dai-ichi (Contributed Session)
Game theory and Environment I (Contributed Session)
Game theory and Environment II (Contributed Session)
Game theory and Environment III (Contributed Session)
Green National Accounting (Contributed Session)
Growth and Decoupling (Contributed Session)
Guided Poster Tour 1: Energy Technology (Poster Session)
Guided Poster Tour 2: Conservation and Biodiversity (Poster Session)
Guided Poster Tour 3: Deforestation, Forestry and Tourism (Poster Session)
Guided Poster Tour 4: Water and Crops (Poster Session)
Guided Poster Tour 5: Health and Risk (Poster Session)
Guided Poster Tour 6: Regulation and Climate Change (Poster Session)
Health Valuation I (Contributed Session)
Health Valuation II (Contributed Session)
Hedonic Pricing I (Contributed Session)
Hedonic Pricing II (Contributed Session)
Hedonic Pricing III (Contributed Session)
Ian J. Bateman, CSERGE, University of East Anglia, UK (Invited Session)
Inequality Measurement (Contributed Session)
Integrated Assessment Modelling (Contributed Session)
International agreements I (Contributed Session)
International agreements II (Contributed Session)
International agreements III (Contributed Session)
International agreements IV (Contributed Session)
Journal Ranking and Sustainability (Contributed Session)
Macro-modelling I (Contributed Session)
Macro-modelling II (Contributed Session)
Macro-modelling III (Contributed Session)
Macro-modelling IV (Contributed Session)
Main Poster Session (Poster Session)
Opening Ceremony (Opening Ceremony)
Optimal Growth and Sustainability I (Contributed Session)
Optimal Growth and Sustainability II (Contributed Session)
Optimal Growth and Sustainability III (Contributed Session)
Optimal Growth and Sustainability IV (Contributed Session)
Optimal Regulation: Theory I (Contributed Session)
Optimal Regulation: Theory II (Contributed Session)
Optimal Regulation: Theory III (Contributed Session)
Optimal Regulation: Theory IV (Contributed Session)
Optimal Regulation: Theory V (Contributed Session)
Optimal Regulation: Theory VI (Contributed Session)
Optimisation Models I (Contributed Session)
Optimisation Models II (Contributed Session)
Other Exhaustible Resources (Contributed Session)
Other Renewable Resources I (Contributed Session)
Other Renewable Resources II (Contributed Session)
Other Renewable Resources III (Contributed Session)
Other Valuation Methods (Contributed Session)
Plenary Panel Session on Rio+20 (Invited Session)
Policy Session: Are Flexible Policies not too Complex to Implement? (No Preference)
Policy Session: Economic Analysis and Regulation of Hazardous Chemical Substances (No Preference)
Policy Session: Economic perspectives on 2030 milestones and policies for decarbonising Europe (No Preference)
Policy Session: Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Services, Natural Wealth Accounting and Support to Macroeconomic Policy (No Preference)
Policy Session: Green Growth: Old Wine in New Bottles or Paradigm Shift? (Invited Session)
Political Economy, Law and Environment I (Contributed Session)
Political Economy, Law and Environment II (Contributed Session)
Pre-conference Course: Economics of Environmental Regime Shifts (No Preference)
Price-based Instruments I (Contributed Session)
Price-based Instruments II (Contributed Session)
Quantity-based Instruments I (Contributed Session)
Quantity-based Instruments II (Contributed Session)
Regulation and Externalities (Contributed Session)
Regulation and Instruments (Contributed Session)
Residential Consumption I (Contributed Session)
Residential Consumption II (Contributed Session)
Residential Consumption III (Contributed Session)
Residential Consumption IV (Contributed Session)
Spatial Issues (Contributed Session)
Special Session: Administration of Surveys: Does F2F, Asking Online and using E-panels Matter? (IPSOS Tambor) (Special Session)
Special Session: Advances in the Practice of Benefit Transfers (Boyle and Brouwer) (Special Session)
Special Session: Ecosystem Service Provision: Distributional Aspects and Market-based Instruments (Thorsen) (Special Session)
Special Session: Evaluation of Costs and Benefits under “Deep Uncertainty” – Theory for Practice (Toman) (Special Session)
Special Session: Field Experiments in Developing Countries (Vincent) (Special Session)
Special Session: Groundwater and Ecosystems: Economics of Groundwater Management and the Well-being of Ecological Systems (Esteban and Dinar) (Special Session)
Special Session: Issues in Stated Choice Experiments: Framing and Design, Choice Behaviour, Implementation / Administration, Estimation Issues (Campbell) (Special Session)
Special Session: Market Mediated Effects of US Biofuel Policies (Khanna) (Special Session)
Special Session: New Approaches for Analysing Trade-offs between Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity (Ruijs, Wossink and Kortelainen) (Special Session)
Special Session: Spatial Dynamics and the Environment (Camacho, Perez-Barahona and Strobl) (Special Session)
Special Session: State of the Art Techniques for Valuing the Non-Market Benefits of Forests around the World (Englin) (Special Session)
Special Session: The Economics of Agricultural Biotechnology and the Environment (Zilberman and Wesseler) (Special Session)
Special Session: The Economics of Climate Engineering (Klepper and Rickels) (Special Session)
Strong and Weak Sustainability (Contributed Session)
Technological Development I (Contributed Session)
Technological Development II (Contributed Session)
Technological Development III (Contributed Session)
Technological Development IV (Contributed Session)
Travel Cost (Contributed Session)
Uncertainty (Contributed Session)
V. Kerry Smith, Arizona State University, USA (Invited Session)
Voluntary Approaches I (Contributed Session)
Voluntary Approaches II (Contributed Session)
Water Use and Management I (Contributed Session)
Water Use and Management II (Contributed Session)
Water Use and Management III (Contributed Session)
Welcome Reception (No Preference)
William D. Nordhaus, Yale University, USA (Invited Session)
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