Parallel Sessions 6

Saturday 2 July 2011, 09:00 - 11:15

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Biodiversity II

Chaired by Jane Turpie, University of Cape Town
Room S11

Discounting II

Chaired by Ben Groom, SOAS
Room S12

Environmental Policy: enforcement issues

Chaired by Carlos Chavez, Departamento de Economia, Universidad de Concepcion
Room S8

ETS: intial allocation and compliance

Chaired by Knut Einar Rosendahl, Statistics Norway
Room S9


Chaired by Johannes Diederich, Heidelberg University
Room P3

Forest resources II

Chaired by Jussi Lintunen, Finnish forest Research Institute (Metla)
Room S10

Game theory II

Chaired by Nicola Doni, Univiersity of Firenze
Room P11

International Environmental Agreements III

Chaired by Leo Simon, U.C. Berkeley
Room P1

PhD Session - Natural Resources

Chaired by Till Requate, University of Kiel, Economics Department
Room P12

Renewable energy and climate change

Chaired by Christian Traeger, UC Berkeley
Room P10

Risk and Uncertainty I

Chaired by Stefan Baumgaertner, University of Lüneburg
Room P9

Special Session: Carbon-energy pricing in Europe and beyond (EEA)

Chaired by Mikael Skou Andersen, European Environment Agency and Aarhus University and Stefan Speck, European Environment Agency
Room TL

Special Session: Environmental Challenges and Solutions for China as an emerging economy

Chaired by Tao Hu, Policy Research Center for Environment and Economy (PRCEE), State Environmental Protection Administration of China
Room T7

Special Session: Petroleum Economics (Mason)

Chaired by Chuck Mason, University of Wyoming
Room T3

Special Session: What can economics contribute to the convention on biodiversity? (Markandya)

Chaired by Anil Markandya, Basque Centre for Climate Change
Room T5

Technological change and innovation II

Chaired by Sjak Smulders, Tilburg University and University of Calgary
Room P2

Voluntary mechanism II

Chaired by Andreas Lange, University of Hamburg
Room P4
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