Parallel Sessions 1

Thursday 30 June 2011, 09:00 - 11:15

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Carbon Taxes I

Chaired by Cees Withagen, VU University of Amsterdam
Room T3

CGE models and environment I

Chaired by Marzio Galeotti, University of Milan and IEFE-Bocconi
Room P11

Choice Experiments I

Chaired by Allan Provins, Economics for the Environment Consultancy (Eftec)
Room S9

Competitiveness and environment

Chaired by Valeria Costantini, UniversitÓ Roma Tre
Room P2

Economics and Ecological Systems

Chaired by Daan Van Soest, VU University / Tilburg University
Room T7

Energy I

Chaired by Andrea Bigano, Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei
Room P3

Environmental Kuznets Curve I

Chaired by Massimiliano Mazzanti, UniversitÓ di Ferrara
Room S12

Exhaustible resources: oil I

Chaired by Lisa Leinert, ETH Zurich
Room T5


Chaired by Jorge Dresdner, Universidad de Concepciˇn
Room P12

Game theory I

Chaired by Saeed Moghayer, Department of Quantitative Economics, University of Amsterdam
Room P10

International Environmental Agreements I

Chaired by Christian Almer, University of Bern
Room P4

Political economy

Chaired by Maria Vredin Johansson, National Institute of Economic Research
Room P1

Spatial Issues I

Chaired by George MacKerron, London School of Economics
Room P9

Special Session: Environmentally motivated fiscal reforms (OECD)

Chaired by Nathalie Girouard, OECD, Green Growth Strategy Team, Coordinator, and Integration of Economic and Environmental Policy, Head and Anthony Cox, OECD environmental economist
Room TL

Technological change and innovation I

Chaired by Gal Hochman, University of California, Berkeley
Room S8

Tradeable permits

Chaired by Bouwe Dijkstra, Nottingham University
Room S11

Water Resources I

Chaired by Goylette Chami, University of Cambridge
Room S10
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